Grow with the glow.

Dermaplaning is cost-effective and versatile, increases client loyalty, and is among the top-requested services in spas and medical spas around the world. 

Discover how you can generate an average of $57,600 per year by performing just 10 dermaplane treatments per week*.

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Small tool, big return.

Dermaplaning takes up minimal space in your treatment room and with a cost-per-treatment of less than $5.00*, it allows you to maximize your return on investment.

The average cost of a dermaplaning facial nationwide is $125**, yielding an ROI of 2,400.00%.

*Cost per treatment is based on our Ageless Facial Protocol.

**National average cost per treatment via American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Increase your rebooking rate.

Dermaplaning services require a high level of skill, which is proven to increase client loyalty. 

Professionals who dermaplane also experience a higher level of treatment re-booking rates, as results are cumulative and last 3-4 weeks.



Highly rated and requested.

Dermaplaning is incredible as a stand-alone treatment, but it can also enhance the outcomes when combined with other treatments and modalities. 

Dermaplaning facials are also a welcomed option for clients who need to avoid certain ingredients commonly found in other exfoliation treatments, have sensitive skin, or need as little downtime as possible.

Learn how to master the art and skill of dermaplaning in our world-renowned Certification Course.

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Gain the skills, confidence, and supplies to begin dermaplaning within your practice. 

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What our students are saying...

This certification course is top-notch. My questions were answered and I felt confident to offer this amazing service to my clients. My Dermaplane Glow facial is one of my most popular treatments. Thank you for offering such a solid certification class!

-Jamie K.

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