Student agrees that DermaplanePro, Inc. (Company) will provide instruction utilizing proprietary training materials and methods to include but is not limited to Student Manual, Powerpoint or similar presentation, videos, forms, processes, and methodologies through online learning and by a qualified Instructor who is authorized by Company. Student agrees that materials, processes and procedures (Information) are the sole property of Company and are limited to student use for training purposes.

Student agrees that Course is for student to become proficient in dermaplaning in order to provide safe, effective and enjoyable services to clients. All or part of the Course may be repeated, or additional help may be provided to enable student to become comfortable and gain competency in dermaplaning. Assistance is provided by Company at Company’s discretion as to methodology and duration, which may include phone, e-mail and/or video conferencing support with no expiration of access. Student may repeat Course for up to one (1) year from date of initial Course.

Student acknowledges that any disclosure of the Information or use of such Information would be wrongful and would cause irreparable injury and harm to Company and acknowledges that Company shall seek damages should Student violate the terms of this Agreement and Student agrees to repay any damages incurred by Company due to a breach of this Agreement by Student. The parties agree that if legal action or the engaging of an attorney is necessary to enforce this Agreement, the non-prevailing party will be responsible for the reasonable attorney fees and costs of enforcement of the prevailing party.