Dermaplaning Men Course

*This class is only available to DermaplanePro Certified Students. You must have taken our regular certification course to receive access to this content.  

This course is in addition to the original DermaplanePro Certification Course.

If you are taking this course, then you are already familiar with the DermaplanePro technique and protocols, including the proper blade angle, number of passes, blade selection, etc.  Just as with women, dermaplaning is a superior exfoliation treatment suitable for men.

In this course we will cover:

  • The differences between male and female skin
  • Dermaplaning vs Shaving
  • Vellus hair vs terminal beard hair
  • Male face diagram 
  • Male dermaplaning protocol(s) and how to price this service
  • Demonstration video
  • How to dermaplane male clients
  • Post treatment recommendations for men

You will learn alternative options to treat those areas of your male client’s face where he has facial hair. By the end of this course, you will know what to look for and consider when dermaplaning your male clients. 


$49.99 USD

Certification Courses are only available to professionals with one or more of the following licenses: Esthetics, Nursing, Cosmetology, Barbers, Dermatology, MD. If you provide an expired or invalid license number, we have the right to revoke your access to the course, without eligibility for a refund. Instructors and educators of any school are prohibited from taking this course. 
If you purchase this class and you are not a DermaplanePro Certified professional, we have the right to revoke your access to the course, without eligibility for a refund. 
Esthetics students can take our course. You must be within the last 2 months of your program to be eligible.
It is your responsibility to verify with your insurance liability carrier and your state board that dermaplaning is within your scope of practice before registering for the course. 

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