Skin Script & Dermaplaning

This course includes Advanced Exfoliation: Part 1 (Dermaplaning & Enzymes), and Part 2 (Dermaplaning, Enzymes & Chemical Peels).

Who’s ready for science class? You know, the fun lab part?

We answer the big questions here: Is it better to apply an enzyme before or after dermaplaning?

So we’re pressing our lab coats, putting our gloves on and stepping into the lab (ok, facial room). In this webinar you will see two demonstrations. Enzyme before dermaplaning in the first and enzyme after dermaplaning in the second.

· Learn tips for successful treatments, including how to avoid over-exfoliation
· Explore how to price this service and position its benefits to your clients
· Discover treatment post-care and retail recommendations

Discover how to expertly combine dermaplaning with enzymes and chemical peels both in a series and in a single treatment as well as in a series for best results.

· Learn key tips for successful seasonal treatments and best practices for performing exfoliation facials in the summer
· View a demonstration video combining dermaplaning/enzymes/chemical peel
· Explore treatment post-care and retail recommendations