DermaplanePro Certification Course

The Education and Experience You Need to Learn the Art & Skill of Dermaplaning

DermaplanePro Certification Course Includes: Manual, Deluxe ProStart Kit, Demonstration Videos, Part 1: Didactic, Part 2: Hands-On Class, Certification, Listing on the Find A Provider page at

Your Certification begins here with Part 1 of your 2 part training. We have created several videos to help prepare you for the practical/ hands-on portion of your Certification. 

Watch the Welcome Video. Then Certification Course Part 1. Print the Face Diagram (Printable PDF). Next watch either the Right or Left-handed Dermaplaning Demonstration. Complete the diagram while watching the demonstrations. At the end of Part 1, bring out your Certificate to bring with you to class.

Be sure to follow all instructions so you're ready for your class.

Your training doesn't end when you leave the class. We are here to support you with additional classes, e-mail, phone and live video conference to help you through any challenges as you work your way toward mastery. 

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Founder & CEO

About the instructor

Rikki Kusy, Founder & CEO of DermaplanePro, graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University with an Honors degree in Education. She's a certified yoga instructor and PSIA Certified Ski Instructor with over 10 years experience teaching both. She's been an esthetician since 2006, worked for several prominent plastic surgeons and owned a Med-Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. She founded her non-profit, Arizona Aesthetics Association in 2006 & DermaplanePro, Inc. in 2009. She is a student of the psychology of learning and uses this knowledge and experience to create training programs that are unique and success based. She believes in a student centered hands-on approach to learning. Her classes are separated into two sections. This is so students don't get overwhelmed which can affect performance. The first section is here in Thinkific. The second section is live either online on in a class. With a passion for the esthetics industry and dermaplaning, DermaplanePro is the leader in dermaplaning education, tools and support.